Bond Baby Landing

Discover the Lace Glue That's Breaking the Internet with its Unbeatable Bond Strength

Oily skin and swimming pools were no match for this glue, so people online took it into their own hands to find it’s match

Natasha T.

The hold was phenomenal. My wig was on for a week and a half before I took it off

I was in the pool and sun and it was holding 👏🏾. I do sweat too soooo ! s/o 2 BOND BABY ! 10/10 ALWAYS RECOMMEND

Why everyone's OBSESSING Over BOND BABY

Unbeatable Grip

Designed for those who've struggled to find that lasting grip. Whether you’re working out, moving fast at work, or dancing - your wig will securely stay in place. So you can have the confidence to focus on any activity without any hair-related distractions

Perfect for Extra Oily Skin

Oily skin? No problem. Our formula is crafted to provide maximum adhesion, especially for those with an extra oily skin type.

Sweat Resistance

When dealing with the summer humidity or middle of a workout, your lace not staying in place is the only thing you don’t have to sweat. Our adhesion is built for these moments.

Water Resistant

The last thing you need at a pool party is stress about your lace lifting and not staying in place. Bond baby will keep you from having to worry about those things.

Easy To Remove

Our lace glue may create buzz online for it’s strong grip, but it's no match for our lace glue remover. Once lace glue remover is applied, you can ensure a safe and instant removal process.

No Harmful Chemicals or Latex

Free from harmful chemicals, toxic substances, and it’s latex-free, ensuring your skin remains safe and unaffected after use .

Real Customers, Real Results


ive been to the beach with it the pool i wear it to work and i work outside in the heat it work’s amazing definitely will be my go to!


I LOVE IT i was tryin my hardest to find sum that will make my wig stay on even when i sweat bc i sweat alot and i finally found the right one and THANKS TO YOU 😊😁and i also will be continuing to shop with u again thxs alot..............🥰😁


It's the strongest bond I ever used. Also, it was so easy to come off with the bond glue remover. I absolutely love the product. The shipment came fast when expedited and packaged very well. Thank you honey for this great bond! So happy!


Clean all residues around the hairline.

Apply (1-3) very thin layers of Bond Baby to skin only above hair line.

Wait until Lace glue turns clear (up to 5 layers)

After the last layer, apply Lace onto the substance that you created above your hairline.

Allow the Lace glue to dry & tie down for 10 minutes




Top Reviews

A,ber K

Best lace glue! I am a major face sweat-er and boy this glue is the truth!!!

Chantres B

The Best lace glue out here. It holds I. The Hottest Humidity. I love it...

Marissa R

Listen it’s 110 outside during the day and a good 100 still at night in Texas so when they say it’s sweat proof they not lying it lasted all night. Ain’ move and inch.

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Lace melting adhesive

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