Bond Baby Landing Page - 2

Girls, I’m dropping receipts that Bond Baby is THE STRONGEST Lace Glue You’ll Find Period!

Alright so boom, this lace glue’s been popping up all over my FYP and everyone’s gluing themselves to some crazy ah things to prove how strong it is. Let me put you on with some things I’ve seen about this lace glue that are WILD!

1. This glue is UNBOTHERED by oily skin, swimming pools and when the weather’s acting a fool 😂

You thought this lace glue would trip when it touches water? It doesn’t babe. Seriously.

2.The baddest bleach on the block

This glue will stick closer to you than any man will.

3.Let Bae Take Your Arm

I already said Bond Baby is more reliable than any man right? If you send it to the store with a grocery list, you best believe it’s coming back with everything you wanted. Just put some on your arm, and hit the aisle girl.

4.Bond Baby has no chill

Let me just say this, if Bond Baby can pick up a fridge, how is it not going to have a strong grip on your hair?

5.Somebody give this girl a raise!

Just watch as she uses Bond Baby to stick herself up there. We’re done here now. Mic drop.

If you’re wondering where to get Bond Baby, I gotchu. I don’t know about you, but I’m dropping every other lace glue I’ve tried for a hot minute