The Ultimate Lace Collection

  • Professional Wig Glue

    Give your lace the most natural finish with this lace adhesive that professional hair stylists swear by!

  • Water Proof

    Bond Baby’s wig glue adhesive holds through water, sweat, and oily scalps when applied correctly.

  • Strong Hold

    Get this wig glue and save the day with styles that don’t budge no matter how what activities you're doing. Our Trio combo is the perfect starter kit.


About Bond Baby

Bond Baby lace glue is the ultimate adhesive bond specially made for oily skin and scalps.

It's designed with enhanced waterproof capabilities and advanced moisture control to provide optimal adhesion under high temperatures at work, spa's, school, or even when you're under the sun!

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Benefits of Bond Baby

The Invisible Lace Glue doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, toxic ingredients, and any latex whatsoever.

- Perfect for HD lace and thin laces
- Safe to use
- Completely waterproof and sweat resistant
- Gentle for all skin types
- Easy and painless to remove with our lace glue remover to save your edges!

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How to use Bond Baby?

1. Clean all residues around hairline. The area of application should be free of any sweat, products residue, water, or oils so the glue is sticking to the skin and not a layer of product. (make sure you are not applying glue while you are actively sweating or in a humid/hot area)

2. Apply (1-5) very thin even layers of Bond Baby to area of application. First layer should turn clear when dry before applying next layer.

3. The final layer should turn half dry and apply lace to it so the lace melts into the glue and finishes the drying process with it.

4. After last layer apply lace onto substance that you created above your hairline.

5. Allow the Lace glue to dry & tie down for 10-30 minutes


1. Make sure your layers are thin. If they are too thick it will be not dry properly and your install won't last as long.

2. Make sure there is no moisture, sweat, or product residue on area of application before applying. Use skin protectant for best results.

3. Do NOT use a hot air blowdryer to dry layers. We recommend air drying.

4. Make sure the lace is not too small/too tight on your head or buckles. You do not want a constant pull on the glue before it cures.

5. The more layers you put the longer the hold will last. If you are swimming or going to do intense workout, do at least 3 layers and give more time for the glue to cure and wrap with a edge band or scarf overnight.

6. If you want to save your baby hairs it comes down to how you remove your wigs after an install. Use Bond Baby lace glue remover to safely and easily remove the lace without snatching hair from the area.

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  • Destiny Johnson

    "This is amazing! In my first attempt, I used a thin layer and my wig stayed for 1 week! Overall, I would say this is the bomb! Highly-recommended!"

  • Natasha Smith

    "So, I bought this product because of the reviews, and the attachment from the glue to the lace was a pretty great hold! This is the best wig glue I've ever used."

  • MaKayla Brown

    "I've never seen a product that works the same as this! You can swim or sweat and your wig won't budge even a bit. This is definitely a game changer!!"