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BondBaby Trio

BondBaby Trio

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Bond Baby Lace Melting Adhesive® & Bond Baby Lace Glue Remover® is the ultimate adhesive Bond & Remover specially made for oily skin and scalps.

Lace Glue: Enhanced waterproof capabilities and advanced moisture control to provide optimal adhesion under high temperatures at work, spa's, school, or even when you're under the sun!

  • Superior Hold
  • No ODOR
  • Humidity resistant
  • For Excessively Oily skin
  • Waterproof 
  • Non-Toxic

Lace Remover: Helps to dissolve the glue without damaging the natural hair or causing any irritation to the skin. With its easy-to-use formula, it provides a hassle-free way to remove. 

  • Contains no harsh solvents
  • Contains no dyes
  • Doesn't have harmful fumes
  • Assist with removal to help eliminate build up on lace

    Lace Glue Application Instructions:

    Step 1:  Gently Clean Skin to remove any preexistent products. 

    Step 2:  Apply a thin layer of Bond Baby Adhesive to skin, up to 7 layers.

    Step 3:  Allow adhesive to dry clear between layers.

    Step 4:  Apply Lace to Clear Bond Baby Adhesive. 

    Step 5: Dry with cool dryer and style.

    For removal use Bond Baby Lace Glue Remover® 

    Bond Baby Wax: is the perfect tool for keeping those pesky baby hairs in place. This wax stick provides an easy and powerful hold to tame all types of hair. With Bond Baby Wax, you can achieve salon-quality taming in seconds!

    Flexible firm hold for all types of hair.
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      Benefits of Bond Baby

      The Invisible Lace Glue doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, toxic ingredients, and any latex whatsoever.

      - Doesn't contain harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients, and latex
      - Safe to use
      - Completely waterproof and sweat resistant
      - Gentle for all skin types
      - Easy and painless to remove with any lace glue remover or alcohol

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