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5 Reasons This Lace Glue Is The Strongest You’ll Find PERIOD

If you’ve been testing lace glues that fall off on the first sign of sweat, don’t worry sis, I got you. I’m going to show you exactly why Bond Baby’s Lace Glue is better than anything you’ve tried so far. In fact, it’s gone viral for people testing its glue strength on random objects. We’ve created a list on the most wild sh*t people have tested it on. (#3 is hilarious)

1. Long showers babyyyy

The Bond Baby Lace Glue can handle any sweat, oil, water, or any weather thrown at it. Never embarrass yourself going on a jog or coming out of a swimming pool ever again.

2.This Bleach Crazy

If you’re worried that a little wind will mess up your lace, this girl is holding the weight of a FULL bleach bottle held to her head by Bond baby. This might have resulted in a slight headache though.

3.Stronger than a watermelon

Carrying a watermelon with 2 hands is already heavy. Somehow this man is able to hold up an entire watermelon on his forearm with just Bond Baby?? Why these men hogging our lace glue?

4.Bond Baby vs Mini Fridge

I was scared her palms were going to peel off here. This may be one of the craziest things someone has tested with Bond Baby. What’s next, a car?

5.Holding Up an Entire Human Being

I take that back, THIS is the craziest thing I’ve seen. Girl is straight up wilding in public. I think you get the point, you don’t need to worry about Bond Baby keeping your lace stayed in put.

Tiffany - Wig Specialist